Self -Care

Secret of the Cure is Self Care........

Persons with disabilities due to leprosy (PWDL) are always prone to develop progressive secondary disabilities like ulcers, contractures, blindness etc. due to permanent nerve damage. Prevention of these secondary disabilities is essential to preserve the functioning of parts like hands, feet and eyes.

Self Care is a care provided “For You , By You”.

  • Self-care is set of practices performed by the affected persons by themselves to enhance and restore health and self-esteem. It requires active engagement by the persons affected by leprosy. NLR India Foundation Supports Self Care Practices by

NLR India Foundation Supports Self Care Practices by :-

Developing Self care group in leprosy colonies
Training camps at PHCs for those disabled living in villages
Involving general health care self so to supervise persons affected
Self-care prevent secondary impairments but also helps in healing of ulcer, preserves eye sight & improves functioning of paralytic hand/feet
In addition to bringing mobility and healing of wound self-care brings self-confidence,self-esteem & social justice to the disabled persons due to leprosy


Sustainability of Self Care Practices- Self Care isn’t One Time Deal

  • Group’s leader are selected by the self-care members who supervise the practices in the colonies on a regular basis.
  • Group’s leader encourage members to implement tiny self – care habits every day to regular practice in life with a bit of attention.
  • Regular training is being given to Group’s leaders so that they make supervision in right direction
  • Government health staff maintains the record and monitors the progress of each self-care group.

Outcome of this Initiative

Plantar Ulcer got healed in 2187 people
Development of Ulcer got prevents in 2927 people having intensive sole
Reduced Self Stigma
Inclusive self-care by persons affected by Lymphatic Filariasis and leprosy was successful and feasible
Affected People felt empowered in decision making about their disabilities management


Integrated Self-Care Practices by people with disability due to disease Leprosy and Lymphatic filariasis

NLR India Foundation in India has started Integrated Self-Care Practices involving primary health care staff. 396 people affected by leprosy, 249 people disabled due to LF, and 4 people with diabetic feet problem have been trained at PHC’s. Results were encouraging with great impact.

In 2016, 315 people with disabilities (184 people affected by leprosy and 131 affected by lymphatic filariasis) were trained at 10 different PHCs, to learn self-care and adopt these practices for healing and preventing further deteriorating. Self-Care Practice Camps were organized at Primary Health Centres and logistics were provisioned. Healing of ulcers in leprosy patients and swelling in Ly. Filariasis patients was monitored.

There was no resistance, hesitation, stigma or any hurdle in practicing self-care together.


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