Our Impact


In our rather small journey, we have realized, “Conviction is Courage” and have marched ahead with improving the lives of around 7400 persons and more than 1500 dependent children in their education. NLR India Foundation has identified 144 leprosy colonies in the 7 states and we are looking forward to take up more colonies and more dependent children as soon as possible with a working principle of Disability Inclusive Development.

By the year 2015, 397 Self Care Groups (SCG) were developed in leprosy colonies. 3276 person's practices self-care in these groups.

Plantar ulcer healed in 2187 persons practicing self-care. New ulcers were prevented in 2927 Persons having sensory loss over sole. Self - Stigma reduced and comparatively they are more capable to take decisions about management of their disabilities.

Persons affected by leprosy, persons disabled due to LF, and persons with diabetic feet have been trained for inclusive self- care for feet and this trend became successful with feasibility.


After vocational training completion, around 70% students started immediate earning through jobs in their respective arenas .

Many students opted for higher education with NLRF support after completing their Sr. Secondary Schools.

Health Camps in the community where ordinary people also takes services along with disabled people helps in Stigma Reduction and promotes relationship building amongst people and bridges the gap between Govt. healthcare staff and disabled people.


Impact over Leprosy colonies after NLRIF intervention





Behavior & attitude  

Non – Cooperative & Rough  

Open minded , humble & cooperative  

Self-care practices  

Not practicing at all  

Started practicing it as & when gets time  

Relationship with stakeholders  

Very poor  


Awareness about health & availing govt. schemes  

Not aware  

Gained knowledge , Become informative, conscious & attentive in demanding their rights  

Educational status 

3 to 4 students has taken up admissions in hostel
Students hardly passes the exams   

Atmosphere became motivating & inspiring towards enhancing education among children. Every child attends play school in 4 yrs.
Students started securing up to 75% marks in their exams.  

Vocational course 

Not Aware 

Guardians take keen interest in gathering information on Vocational courses & admission procedures. 


Not Aware of its importance & how it generates income  

Not only men , Women participation rises 6 Ladies are earning by Stitching & tailoring. One person runs its own business  

Assistive devices  

Not aware about its availability & its usage in daily lives  

Got free devices via Govt. Scheme Disabled people become less dependent and started expanding their prospect in other areas of developing their overall personality.   

Pension, Voter card, Aadhar card or other basic documentation  

Only few persons availed it  

At present 90% people are getting pensions  


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